What is Honcker?

Honcker is the only place you can lease a car online. We believe that car leasing should be as easy as booking an airline ticket or shopping on Amazon.

We have built an extensive national network of car dealers with a large selection of cars at the lowest lease prices.

Our prices are personalized to you, and are final and complete. What you see is what you get. No additional fees or “money down” deposits. We commit to your price without affecting your credit score. We don’t ask for your credit information until you are ready to lease.

Will my car be delivered or will I need to pick it up?

Honcker offers complimentary vehicle delivery if you live in an urban area. You never need to leave your home to lease from us. If you live in a rural area, or 25 miles or more from the dealer, the dealer will contact you to setup a convenient pick up time.

If my dealer is located in a different state, which state’s sales taxes do I pay?

You always pay sales tax in the state where the vehicle is registered.

What if the address I want to register my vehicle doesn’t match the address on my Driver’s license?

We assume you will be registering your vehicle at the address on your driver’s license. If that's not the case let us know. Please email us at help@honcker.com, call 1.212.HONCKER, or use our chat.

How do u handle my current lease return?

If you are returning a vehicle of the same manufacturer as the one you lease through Honcker, we will be happy to return it for you. If your car is a different manufacturer, please email us at help@honcker.com, contact us at 1.212.HONCKER, or use our chat. We will pick up and return your lease for you.

Can I see vehicles and lease prices on behalf of a family member or friend?

The prices you see on Honcker are personalized to you. The price you see may be different than someone else. Please invite your friends to download the Honcker app on their own device.

Why is my friend seeing prices that are different than me for the same vehicles?

All our prices are personalized. Lease rates are calculated based on a host of criteria. For example: location, credit, applicable rebates, timing, and much more. We calculate a myriad of factors to get you the best possible price, specific to you.

Is there an option to finance my car on Honcker?

Car financing in 3 easy steps is coming to Honcker soon, please stay tuned!

Which bank will be financing my lease?

In most cases, it will be the manufacturer’s finance arm. However, we scan lease terms from many financial institutions to get you the best possible price and terms. If there is a better deal with another lender we will contact you before we process.

How much money do I need to put down as a deposit?

All our leases are “no money down”. All you pay at signing is: First month, Bank Fee, and DMV fees. We also offer the option to roll these fees into your monthly payment.

Does my monthly lease payment include tax?

Yes! All our leases include all applicable taxes in the monthly payment.

If I prefer to put more money down at lease signing, can I?

Yes. We are happy to customize the lease for your convenience.

If I’m not putting anything down at signing, what will I be charged when my car is delivered?

At signing, you will need to pay only the first month lease, bank fee, and dealer and DMV charges.

When do I sign my credit application and my lease forms?

All your forms will be prepared for signature upon vehicle delivery or pickup.

When am I legally bound to the lease?

You are legally bound after you sign your lease contract.

Is Honcker available outside the U.S.?

Currently we are available in the U.S. only. But stay tuned — we have grand plans!

When I register or search for cars does this affect my credit score?

No. When you register with Honcker, we do a soft credit pull from Experian. This does not impact your credit score at all. However, when you submit your lease, an actual credit pull will be done by the dealer to finalize your contract.

I have bad credit can Honcker help?

Yes! Please please email us at leasehelp@honcker.com, call 1.212.HONCKER, or just use our chat, and a Honcker representative will assist you.

I clicked the “SUBMIT” button, but now I changed my mind. Can I still cancel my lease?

Within the first 12hrs of submitting the lease, you may cancel. Just email us at leasehelp@honcker.com, call 1-212-HONCKER, or just use our chat.

How do I insure my vehicle?

Once your lease is approved, please visit the MY LEASE section on the app menu. It will contain all the information your insurance company needs to insure your vehicle, including the VIN #. Once you receive your insurance card please upload.

Do you have a website or just mobile apps?

We are available on iOS and Android.

Is my private information safe?

You bet it is! Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information.

Does Honcker charge any fees?

No! We are free to use and to share.

Why can’t I see pricing on some vehicles on the first or second days of the month?

The best lease deals are often not available at the start of the month.

How can I add something before or after I click lease?

You can always add an extra like a damage waiver, tire insurance, gap insurance, or an extended warranty. Our dealers have a variety of lease add-ons to suit your needs. We can add them to the monthly payment or you may pay for it upfront.

If I need further help, how do I reach you?

You can email info@honcker.com, call 1-212-HONCKER, or just use our chat.